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Keystone Artist Connect is an all-inclusive liaison for local, national, and regional acts. We are able to assist in a wide range of music industry projects – from tour booking to social media to large-scale event production. Danielle Mashuda and Maddy Lafferty bring over 24 years of combined experience to Keystone Artist Connect, with skill sets that focus on almost all aspects of the entertainment field. 

Whether you are a local artist who wants someone to help you get started, an established act that needs to book a summer tour, or a client with a space begging to be filled with food trucks and live music, the women of Keystone Artist Connect are here to elevate your career and help you achieve your vision. 


Danielle Mashuda


Danielle’s career highlights are as diverse as her musical tastes and include years spent in the restaurant industry, as well ongoing work as a manager, booking agent, marketing consultant, and social media specialist for national bands such as the Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, Elaina Kay, Ferdinand the Bull, and the Dirty Shirts. She credits a stint at The Soiled Dove in Denver, CO for her love of the industry and her passion for hospitality and making artists happy. 


Fiercely supportive of her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, Danielle has served as the events director for multiple organizations throughout the city, including the Pittsburgh Food Truck Park and the 25 Carrick event space. She has also produced popular events including Pittsburgh Bloody Mary Festival, the Cocktail Classic, and the All You Need is Love food truck roundup benefiting the Tree of Life Synagogue with her partner company, Winslo6. 


Maddy Lafferty

Co-Founder / Tour Management

From her first cable wrap at the Deutschtown Music Festival, Maddy knew she wanted to serve the arts and entertainment industry. In the past four years she has rapidly progressed from hospitality and band photography to full-scale production management. Her favorite project was co-producing a livestream event titled “Live at 25: The Pandemic Series,” which helped to raise almost $10,000 for participating local and national artists. The series ran for 30 straight days during 2020, and she was able to meet and stay connected with artists during a time of crisis, while also learning video live switching and streaming skills.


Maddy brings experience in production management, event coordination, audio, lighting, artist management, and booking to the Keystone Artist Connect team. Select clients and projects include: Barrel and Flow Festival, 1Hood Media’s Get Out The Vote series, Demeatria Boccella, Smokey Robinson, Benji., CAAMP, and PA Cyber. She has fostered strong industry connections in the Pittsburgh community, and when she’s not working, she can be found collecting and watching vintage VHS tapes or listening to vinyl.


Kirsten Heibert

Booking / Management Consultant

Kirsten Heibert is a multi-faceted artist & industry professional.  With a knack for juggling multiple schedules and a passion for creating opportunities, Heibert has spent the better part of a decade working nationally in music, film and theater.  Native to Pittsburgh.  After earning a Bachelors at Point Park University, she spent two years performing in Las Vegas and six years as a songwriter in NYC.  Disillusioned by the big city grind and determined to make an impact, she made the decision to move back home to pursue a career in artist management.


Smaller regions deserve conscious artists. The misconception that art must only be made and consumed by people with money is rapidly changing.  Technology has given us a unique opportunity to empower creatives and to make independent art accessible to everyone. Heibert wants to join the efforts of bringing local music (specifically Pittsburgh) to a national audience.


Kelby Dru

Managing Director - TX

Kelby Dru has been in the Texas music scene for as long as she can remember. Born into musical families on both sides, she has found being in the industry has always come as second nature. Prior to officially working in the scene, she was regularly scoping out new bands, booking her friends for parties, and learning the ins and outs of music intricacies from her dad (a former RCA recording artist). In 2006, she took her first official gig as an assistant tour manager with a national touring act. After graduating from Texas State University, she spent several years in the corporate tech world before moving into music management full time.


Over the last few years she has worked on numerous projects with large management agencies, national touring bands, and upcoming Texas acts. Kelby applies her tech experience to today’s ever-changing music landscape, expanding her knowledge surrounding streaming, record distribution, website development, and touring.


Michaela Ann Kelton

TX Coordinator

Michaela was born and raised in Austin, Texas surrounded by art and music.  Through early leadership experiences she found a natural talent in teaching, organization and management.  While studying in Rhode Island she continued honing those skills through work in Campus Programing, a department that planned, organized, and hosted all campus wide events.  Michaela returned to central Texas to complete her studies in photography and art history at Texas State University.  During and after college she gathered real world experience working, managing, and later owning multiple businesses including bars, restaurants, music venues and more.  Although she hadn’t worked in the music industry directly, music always played a fundamental role in Michaela’s life and inspiration.  After marrying into a music family, she found her work and life were building and growing in support of two central passions: giving back, and artist development.  Her most recent endeavor combines both of these aspirations by creating a unique merchandising opportunity for bands and artists, while supporting the next generation of musicians through non-profit partnerships.  

Services Offered


Consultant & artist management, tour booking, event production

Social Media

Strategy, execution

Artist Management

Creative consultant, project manager


Outreach to publications & playlisting campaigns


EPK build or refresh, website development

Playlist Curation and Spotify Consultation


Keystone Partners

Roger Charlie


Katie Bizanovich

Band Photography

Matt Otis

Claire Cassidy




Thunderbird Cafe and Music Hall


Cowtown Chad


Sarah Bizanovich


Kimberly Binando

Design and Merch

Two Wands Design

Web & Graphic Design

Randy Baumann's Ramble


Devan Power

Logo and Design

TSG Creative

Tech Needs

Andrew Leahey


Jeff Betten

Misra Records

Trace Brewing


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